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Dogs, Cats & Kids – What Others Are Saying

Dogs, Cats & Kids has been reviewed by the media, educators, pediatricians,
animal behavior experts – and children.

Consumer Media and Professional Journals

“Should be required viewing for all families with young children – whether they own a pet or not.”
Steve Dale, Chicago Tribune nationally syndicated columnist

“An excellent primer that may help a child avert injury.”
Seattle Times

“Some of the video’s best advice focuses on reacting to a potentially dangerous stray dog.”
Cincinnati Enquirer

“An animated and engaging video...energetic and imaginative.”
Dallas Morning News

“Teaches respect for animals without creating fear.”
Louisville Courier-Journal

“This excellent program is highly recommended.” (4 stars, Editor’s Choice)
Video Librarian

“The right ways to approach, handle, and play with pets.”
Los Angeles Times

“The message it carries is an essential one for the safety and well-being of all our children.”
ASPCA Animal Watch

“The video is ideal for one’s own children, for children visiting a pet household, or as a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves kids and animals.”
The Latham Letter, Latham Foundation

“The program is well scripted and elicits understanding, not fear.”
Billboard Magazine

“Designed to help a kid get pet-savvy, it may help grown-ups check their skills, too.”
Houston Chronicle

“Learning how to be safe with pets is imperative, and this video goes far in communicating how pets behave and how kids should behave with them.”
Children’s Video Review

“The information it conveys is must-have stuff for kids, even those that don’t have pets at home.”
Pet Life Magazine

“The first-rate video “Dogs, Cats & Kids” will help preschoolers and school-age children develop positive relationships with animals...kid and animal friendly.”
Cats Magazine

“In lessons that are gentle and caring, “Dogs, Cats & Kids” teaches children how to show affection to their pets without scaring the animals."
Cat Fancy Magazine

“Great family viewing. A gift that will last all year.”
Dog World Magazine


“This program is very timely and a life skill for all of us. I give my highest recommendation
to this program.”
Julian Q. Waters, Principal
Garrison Mill Elementary School, Marietta, GA

“Our children are still talking about all the lessons they learned..”
Carlita Cortinez, Teacher
North Miami Learning Center, Miami, FL

“This program has had a profound effect on our children.”
April Lewis, Teacher
Birney Elementary School, Marietta, GA

“My class has asked to watch the video over and over.”
Beth Morgan, Teacher
Winthrop Academy, Rome, GA

“I am confident that my children will use the safety precautions they learned from your program when they come into contact with not just their own pets but other animals as well.”
Melissa Wilson, Teacher
Teasley Elementary School Atlanta, GA

“This program is truly a hit with our children, parents and staff.”
Ms. Bodelson, ESOL Instructor
Dolvin Elementary School, Alpharetta, GA

Physicians and Animal Behavior Professionals

“A wonderful resource for families. Children learn how to interact responsibly with animals while minimizing the risk of a bite or scratch.”
Bonnie Whalen, MD, Professor of Pediatrics
University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, Madison, WI

“The content is excellent. The tools for reading an animal’s body language and avoiding high risk situations are invaluable.”
Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, MD
Salter Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University

“A great blend of humane education and public health information. Really reaches the group
at highest risk.”
Dr. Randall Lockwood
Humane Society of the United States

“It gives children the knowledge they need to remain safe and enjoy happy, healthy
relationships with their pets.”
Marty Becker, DVM
National columnist, TV personality & radio show host

“This program should prove a tremendous benefit to communities nationwide.”
Janet Booream
Nashville Public Health Department

“Not only was the video impressive to me, but members of my family also enjoyed it and picked up the suggested techniques very quickly.”
Michael Taylor, Manager Community Safety
National Safety Council

“It is fantastic. A must for anyone working with kids and pets.”
Tina Valent
Pet Therapy Consultant

“I teach dog bite prevention to pre-k thru 4th grade students in the Georgia school system. I am still in awe when 2 and 3 year old children stand to imitate standing still like a tree, or get all the questions right during the quiz at the end. ‘Dogs, Cats & Kids’ is the centerpiece of our program and I believe this video should be viewed by all families with children, whether they have a companion animal in their home or not.”
Fran Heffern
Bear’s World, Inc.

Children (from post screening questionnaires)

“That was the coolest movie I ever saw in school.”
Joel, 4th grade

“In the movie I learned to never run away from a dog and to stand still like a tree. There are lots of dogs when I walk home and I am not afraid anymore.”
Jeffery, 2nd grade

“I really like it. I love to learn things about dogs and cats. I’m just telling you I really like it.”
Austin, 3rd grade

“I had the best time. I like the muve.” (sic)
Regis, 2nd grade

“I liked the part when we watch the movie. It was very fun. I did not know much about cats and dogs.”
Andrew, 3rd grade

“I learned so much. I can’t wait to get a dog of my own.”
Avery, 3rd grade

“I did not know that dogs could run faster than kids and we should not try to and we should be a tree or a rock.”
Brian, 3rd grade

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