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Professional tips from a leading animal expert,
presented in a way children understand and enjoy

“Designed to help kids get pet-savvy, it may help grown-ups check their skills, too. ”
Houston Chronicle

“A wonderful resource for families! Children learn how to interact responsibly with animals. ”
Bonnie Whalen, MD, Professor of Pediatrics
University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital

Dogs & Cats & Kids teaches respect for animals without creating fear. With lots of appealing dogs and cats, remarkable animal footage, and a positive, kid-friendly approach, the video shows children how to be safe around pets and strays. Young people learn a few simple rules for avoiding potentially dangerous situations and dealing with them if they occur. The video’s information is presented in an age-appropriate way, within the skill level and motor abilities of young children. At the end of the video, an interactive, "game show" quiz reinforces learning.

The need for this information is clear. Not only are young people more likely to be bitten, the injuries are more likely to be serious. The journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics reports: “Injuries to the head, neck and face areas are common in young children and often result in significant trauma requiring hospitalization.” A child’s small stature puts head and neck in close range of an attacking animal. Children tend to bring their faces close, into an area that may be instinctively perceived as a threat by a dog or cat, and the natural exuberance of young people may unknowingly lead to actions that can prompt an attack. Remember that even the gentlest animal may attack if it feels threatened.

Dogs, Cats & Kids teaches children ...
• How to read dog and cat body language
• When to approach a pet and when not to disturb it
• The right ways to handle and play with their pets
• The warning signs that say "stay away"
• Why neighbor pets are different than our own
• Why never to stare into a dog's eyes, or pet a cat on its stomach
• Situations to avoid in the home, in a neighbor’s home, and outside
• How to be a “tree” or a “rock” if a stray threatens

Dogs, Cats & Kids was created by Donald Manelli, the former head writer of "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" -- the most popular animal show ever broadcast on American TV. It features Wayne Hunthausen, DVM, one of the world's leading authorities on companion animal behavior and former president of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

Dogs, Cats & Kids presents the safety practices and precautions recommended by leading animal behavior experts and organizations, and teaches them in a way that children understand, remember and enjoy learning. But it is important to note that animals may be unpredictable and no defensive technique can be an absolute guarantee against a bite or scratch injury. The best advice is that given in the video -- learn to interact safely with animals, recognize their warning signs, and avoid potentially dangerous animals and situations.

Dogs, Cats & Kids is designed for children in grades K through 4.

The video is 27 1/2 minutes long, including the interactive quiz at the end. It is available in VHS and DVD. See “How To Order” for ordering information.

For older children

A companion video, Dogs, Cats & BIG Kids, is available for older children (grades 4 to 8). With an age-appropriate approach, it includes the same important information and award-winning footage, and adds new bite prevention skills within the abilities of kids in the upper grades. It is widely praised by parents and professionals and, most importantly, kids love it.

In lessons that are gentle and caring, 'Dogs, Cats & Kids' teaches children
how to show affection to their pets without scaring the animals.”

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